There's an extremely pronounced individualistic side to your character. In all those born under this sun sign, there's always something of a free, wild stallion. This means that it won't be easy to make them accept rules and that they'll often refuse any too imperious or too restrictive order. Their enterprising spirit, their dynamism, their ability to see far and wide can hardly make do with impediments to their freedom of action.

You like responsibilities and you refuse to be taken care of: you only long to look after yourself even if it sometimes means erring because of exaggerated optimism. You never want to walk in someone's shadow. Fundamentally, you feel free enough, strong enough to be able to exist by yourself. You don't need someone who comforts you, neither a protector, neither a guide.

Your relations with authority, whatever it may be — parents, teachers, superiors, administrative powers — are always more or less tense. Your often rebellious attitude makes one believe that you're tactless. But on the contrary, when you're yourself invested with authority, you want others to respect it duly.

Your intelligence is above all lucid and logical. You're too direct to ever get lost in existential meanders, and you aren't either inclined to mull over the past.

Extremely enthusiastic and anxious to succeed in all your undertakings, you're nevertheless sufficiently conscious of your chances of success. You're endowed with the faculty to adapt yourself to circumstances and to use them as a springboard. As you're an emotive person, you can experience depression in the wake of a brutal failure, but you don't let yourself be downhearted: you'll wait for your forces with a view to making a new start.

Of an irascible nature, you flare up quickly, and you often happen to lose your temper. But your anger is that of a superficial and touchy personage who'll get indignant or become angry but who'll thereafter look for forgiveness. When annoyed, you'll shout very loudly and will immediately forget all about it. Your anger once cooled off, you'll bear no grudge. If you sometimes happen to give in to shattering fits of anger, there're at least no actual manifestations of hostility: you simply try to assert yourself!

You're prompted by a powerful passion. But your passion is not raw and overflowing: it's rather a fire that smolders under the ashes and which emits more heat than flame. It manifests itself in your taste for risks and your desire to remove the constraints that are imposed on you.

In everyday life, you're sociable, merry, and of agreeable company. You're also often obliging. Your enthusiasm is contagious. In your relationships with others, you appear rather conciliatory, understanding, and tolerant. You're generally frank and direct in your words as in your acts.

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