You possess a double personality and it's not always easy for you to assume this duality. You aspire to the joy of living, you only ask to share it with others; but you find that this task is not easy, so much so that at other moments you feel disappointed, being down in the dumps and even unable to joke. It's then the sign of a more or less profound depression. The truth is that you abhor boredom : as soon as something bores you, you try to shirk it.

Curiosity is the quality that seems most precious to you and you cultivate it assiduously. It's this curiosity that permits you to always keep your mind alert, to feel well at ease in all surroundings, and to adapt yourself to any environment.

You like to live in the present moment. You don't have a past and you refuse to project yourself into the future. The mere fact of only thinking of living the present minute spares you numerous more or less existential anguishes.

You're good at contacts, you also are gifted for complicity and communication. You understand everything very quickly.

As a rule, you tend to go too fast, to want to do too many things. But the continuous search for agitation is not what will help you preserve your physical and mental balance. It's not a bad thing that you cultivate a hobby which allows you to satisfy the part of yourself that your professional activities have not fulfilled. The satisfactions which you'll draw from it will help you fight the tendencies to depression that could appear. On the other hand, by trying to preserve an ever young and ever alert mind — a mind that's always fascinated by novelty — you'll remain the eternal adolescent who you intimately always want to be.

The most surprising side to your character is perhaps your great sentimentality. Despite your appearance as a conqueror, you always very deeply feel a pressing need of affection and friendship. But you often come up against a solid barrier, and your incessant efforts at winning the intimacy of others rarely bear the expected fruits. In other words, your personality is attractive but little engaging. If you can make good relations easily, on the contrary you feel it most difficult to make true friends.

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