You always feel the need to act, to charge, and show such ardor as pushes you to take up all challenges. You prefer to launch out for you've confidence in your energy, your drive, your daring, and if necessary, even your nerve in order to extricate yourself from a difficult situation. But on the contrary, you may not sufficiently take obstacles into account for your reflection is not always equal to your dynamism: you offhandedly neglect the necessity to examine what's tempting you before taking the plunge.

Whether it's in business or in love, you put all your energy at stake, you throw all your live forces into the battle. It's why when you meet with a failure, the blow is all the more painful. It's in this way that you can easily go from an extreme to another — from periods of intense exhilaration to moments of terrible depression, for everything is excessive and nothing is moderate with you. You'll need some time lapse to recover from your setbacks. And you'll recover, for sure, all the while preserving your unscathed enthusiasm.

Because of your spontaneous, unyielding character, and also because of your lack of a withdrawal position, your renunciation will come early and definitely. Moreover, on account of your rather rigid principles, you don't have good adaptation capacities.

You're more oriented toward the future than toward the past. Prone to make a clean sweep of all that has preceded you, you profit little by your own experiences and even less of those of others. You're mostly concerned about new prospects, deeming that innovation, dynamism, and an enterprising mind are your best allies.

You intensely live the present moment. Always reacting with spontaneity and force, you put passion in whatever you do. All situation, all sentiment are lived with maximum tension. Thus you experience moments of overexcitement or despondency, of frenzy or despair which better balanced natures cannot even imagine. The vehemence of your sentiments explains your tendency to fits of anger that can sometimes be exaggerated and make you appear as a brutal and excessive person.

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