Your life motto seems to be this one: "To live and to let live". You've only one passion: to lead your life as you like, undergoing as few constraints as possible and profiting as much as possible by your existence on earth.

You're by no means easy to describe for you're a world of paradoxes and contradictions. Among the "constant" features of your character there are your extreme independence, your refusal of constraints and beaten tracks, your originality of thought, your curiosity of mind, and your love of adventure.

You don't care a bit about what people say or think, you don't give a fig for conventions, you readily show a tendency to anarchism. Your non-conformist comportment can sometimes border on provocation. In any case, you feel happy in non-conformism, you like not to act in the way other people do, and to be original up to eccentricity. If someone intends to direct you or to submit you to a rigid discipline, he's most likely to get disappointed for you're too independent to let yourself be managed.

Above all, you're definitely not one of those who take themselves too seriously or who get themselves killed in defending certain principles. Your sense of humor is extreme: you know how to make fun of all people and of everything, and especially of yourself. To the eyes of many you appear as a rather immoral individual but in actuality you're only amoral and happy to be so.

Your need to preserve your independence is equal to your desire to stand out. This will to single yourself out of the crowd can manifest itself very early and in a thousand and one ways. This explains your extravagance of talk, your manners that one could deem provocative, and your comportment that's often disconcerting for your entourage.

In the field of human relations, you look of course for the sympathy and comprehension of others. You're sincere, you're magnanimous and have the sense of solidarity. You enjoy certain easiness in your contacts by avoiding any direct confrontation as far as possible. But what's the most outstanding in your character is your great tolerance: you never try to impose your attitudes, your ideas, your convictions. You always make use of great flexibility and great understanding of the weaknesses of others. Some people may accuse you of laxity, especially when you're invested with certain responsibilities, but you defend yourself by saying that you respect everyone's freedom.

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